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[Ep 1] How to Become a Software Developer

Our maiden episode. In this episode, I discussed with Aivan Monceller, Software Engineer @ Razer Singapore, about how to start the career in software development.

[Ep 2] Astro 1.0 Web Framework is out! Let’s check it out!

We took a look at, a modern web framework which was currently released. We also did a bit of live coding in this epoisode.

Check out Astro

[Ep 3] How to prepare for a Big Tech Technical Interview

Spoke to our special guest, Marc Lester Tan, our special guest.

Marc is a Filipino developer who is currently working as a Software Engineer @ Meta - Palo Alto, California, United States.

[Ep 4] What’s the best programming language to learn for beginners?

We checked different programming languages and see which is good for beginners.

[Ep 5] Free online tech learning resources and tools

In this episode, I went through free learning resources and tools you can use to start software development.

Check out the list we came up here

[Ep 6] Let’s talk about Startups and Software Engineering with Keith Rull

Spoke to our special guest, Keith Oliver Rull, Engineering Leader / Startup Advisor and VP of Engineering in EyeRate California, US

[Ep 7] Hello Rust! First look at the Rust language!

Taking a first look at, a modern programing language.

We did some live coding in this video:

  • Did some Hello World
  • Functions and Variables
  • Simple HTTP API in Rust

[Ep 8] The Fun and Exciting Impact of Artificial Intelligence(AI)

In this episode, Aivan Monceller, our AI-enthusiast guest, discussed how AI is revolutionizing productivity in technology and everyday life. He also explained a brief history of AI Image Generation. Then, we did demos of cutting-edge technologies OpenAI, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney.