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Hello, I'm DonvitoCodes!

I share my learning journey on AI and Software Development in my Twitch livestream and my YouTube channel. Sometimes, I host podcasts with tech leaders in my livestream. I also write articles in my blog, Exploring AI and Technology.

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"Learn AI with me! I share my learnings on AI and Software Development in my Twitch and YouTube channels. Follow me and let's have fun learning together!"

— DonvitoCodes

Featured Episodes

Ep 8. The Fun and Exciting Impact of Artificial Intelligence(AI)

In this episode, Aivan Monceller, our AI-enthusiast guest, discussed how AI is revolutionizing productivity in technology and everyday life. He also explained a brief history of AI Image Generation. Then, we did demos of cutting-edge technologies OpenAI, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney.

Ep 1. How to Become a Software Developer

Our maiden episode. In this episode, I discussed with Aivan Monceller, Software Engineer @ Razer Singapore, about how anyone can start the career in software development.

Ep 3. How to prepare for Big Tech Company Technical Interview

Spoke to our special guest, Marc Lester Tan, our special guest. He's a Filipino developer who is currently working as a Software Engineer @ Meta - Palo Alto, California, United States.

Ep 6. Let's talk about Startups and Software Engineering with Keith Rull

Spoke to our special guest, Keith Oliver Rull, Engineering Leader / Startup Advisor and VP of Engineering in EyeRate California, US

Ep 2. Astro 1.0 Web Framework is out! Let's check it out!

We took a look at, a modern web framework which was currently released. We also did a bit of live coding in this episode.

Check out Astro

Ep 5. Free online tech learning resources and tools

In this episode, I went through free learning resources and tools you can use to start software development.

Check out the list we came up in Github
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